Brand Identity & Packaging

Martesana SRL

Creative/Art Director 
Luigi Durante

Graphic Design
Eleonora Galeazzi
Michele Viscomi


Stoked Studio


Brand Identity

Martesana is an historical Milanese pastry shop founded in 1966, internationally well-known for its quality. Drogheria was asked to emphasize the brand’s authenticity and craftsmanship in a contemporary key while respecting its tradition. For the rebranding, we adopted an aware and historical approach, and we took inspiration from the aesthetic of Twentieth century corner shops and reinterpreted it in a new, fresh way. Starting with a time-proven font such as Baskerville, we achieved a more elegant and modern logo by eliminating the serifs. Furthermore, in terms of color, we decided to keep their traditional orange and use it in an earthier shade, in order to highlight the handcrafted product quality. We have also introduced sky blue as a counterpoint color, which was drawn from the sign of the first shop founded in 1966.

The packaging has been reconceived to be more recognizable and to improve the brand’s storytelling. The boxes are made with Fedrigoni Materica paper, in Red Earth and Water shades. The choice of this type of paper allows to transmit a smooth and velvety feel. The tactile perception was enhanced by further processes, such as embossing and hot pressing. Through these steps, we moved Martesana towards a more ecofriendly vision, from plastic to paper-based packaging. Besides the logo, we also created a trademark inspired by the interiors of the first shop. Here the arch stood as a central architectural element that characterized the entire environment. We thereby introduced a see-through arch on some packages to display the product inside, as an invitation to enter the Martesana world. 


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